3D Printed Palletizing Robot

The palletizer from GearsWheelsRobots is completly printed with a FDM 3D printer! The 3 stepper motors are connected to a PoKeys57E motion controller and stepper driver. The RDC-Maker controls the robot on a standard Windows 10 laptop. Cost of the complete robot is around €150 for bearings, motors and electronics. Find more information and build instructions on www.hackaday.io!

  • Type: 3D printed
  • Kinematic: 3 DOF palletizer
  • Motors: Stepper NEMA17
  • Motion Controller: PoLabs PoKeys57E
  • Motor controller: PoStep 25-32


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Pick and Place Robot with Vision System

An industrial use case is shown by Commonplace Robotics. A linear delta robot picks small cosmetic jars from a conveyor and places them in trays. The control does control the robot, but also the conveyor, a joint for turning the cans if upside down, and a linear axis for getting trays from the stack.

The application makes use of a vision system with two cameras, one to provide the pick position, the other to determine the upside down state.

The CPRog software used by Commonplace Robotics is based on the RDC. Commonplace Robotics adds the necessary control hardware to the application.

  • Type:Industrial application
  • Kinematic:Linear delta with 3 additional joints
  • Motors:Stepper
  • Motion Controller:Commonplace Robotics EmbeddedControl
  • Motor controller: Commonplace Robotics step motor controller


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6 Axis Educational Robot

The Mover6 is a robot arm with 6 axes, intended to be used in educational and entertainment use cases. The first 4 axes are moved by DC motors with gears and the axes 5 and 6 by Smart servo motors. The robot arm has a dead weight of 3.5kg and can handle loads up to 400g. The maximum reach is 600mm including the built-in gripper.
The motor controller with integrated position control receive their set point values via CAN directly from the CPRog software, which is a branded version of the RDC.

  • Type: Educational Robot
  • Kinematic: 6 DOF articulated robot arm kinematic
  • Motors: DC gear motors
  • Motion Controller: Set point values are written directly by RDC on the CAN bus
  • Motor controller: Commonplace Robotics DC motor controller


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AR3 – Annin Robotics Robot Arm

The AR3 is a free open plan robot arm in desktop size. It can be used in automation applications or in research, education, edutainment, etc. The robot uses six stepper motors as drives, either with or without encoder.
The RDC can be used to control the AR3 with a step/dir interface and commonly available stepper motor driver, open or closed loop. Or it can be combined with CANopen drive modules for higher performance.

  • Type: Desktop size industrial robots
  • Kinematic: 6 DOF articulated robot arm kinematic
  • Motors: Stepper motors with or without encoder
  • Motion Controller: Step/dir interface e.g. PoKeys57E, or CANopen
  • Motor controller: Standard step/dir controller or CANopen controller


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